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NEWS DESK The latest from the shed

Late in 2017, I spent a couple of weeks in New York City – U.S.A which is such an incredible place to gather inspiration. The city is immense and a testament to human ambition and ability to create! Sitting in a cafe sipping a coffee in one of the most amazing cities in the world, watching as thousands of people go about their busy lives was pretty cool! New York City is a superb mix of new and the old. Seeing the craftsmanship and intricate details in the old buildings, steeped with elegance and comparing those to the immense new steel, concrete and glass structures was fascinating. It’s hard to explain but with so much to see, it hard to take it all in.

The trip gave me the chance to “recharge” my batteries and with the newly acquired inspiration I got straight to work. I designed and made an industrial styled set of drawers (like a tall boy, but different), a Coffee Table made from a reclaimed sign that has a cool retro look, a bedside drawer cabinet, a desktop drawer set inspired by the yesteryear tailor cabinets and two unique Lamp Sculptures. I work hard on designing and building unique pieces that have a captivating style but also retaining strength to ensure longevity that will last through the ages. You can take a look at these pieces on my Portfolio Page and if you see something you like feel free to contact me to discuss making something for you.


To date I have made my bespoke pieces by “hand” with of course the assistance of tools and equipment. I have just made steps to purchase and set up a CNC Router in my workshop that will help me take my creativity to another level.  The machine is like any other in that you have to have specific knowledge and skill to produce a desired result. So there will be a big learning curve for me no doubt. So whilst I am extremely excited about what is possible when using this machine, I cannot in the short term be offering services using the machine. However, rest assured I’ll let you know when I’m ready to go.

Shop Update

July 2018 – Recently I made this Shoe Polish Case that holds two tins of Shoe Polish (black and parade gloss), a buffing brush and a polish cloth. It is made from American Walnut and the flap is Leather. It is a beautiful piece that is also practical. I intend on making a production run of this article as it fits in with my ethos of being of heirloom quality and is unique. The lettering may be customised to suit the customer.

Forme Industrious