Located in the City of Townsville, Queensland, Australia, Forme Industrious designs and manufactures bespoke “Industrial” styled furniture and art.  Born out of the “Maker Movement” that bloomed all over the world, Forme Industrious exists because of the passion and desire that grew strong within its creator Scott Turner to design and build unique pieces with an industrial look and strength without neglecting beauty and functionality.

Heirloom Designs and Creations Forme Industrious

Forme Industrious creates unique pieces using robust materials that give the finished piece the ability to outlast many of its owners (your kids, kids will thank you and remember you for your great taste and wisdom in making such a wise investment).

Pursuing our passion of creating unique, bespoke objects that are…. well just plain desirable, Forme Industrious utilises new materials, however, we unashamedly search for new and re-claimed materials, giving it new life, and a new form as an object of renewed beauty and purpose.


Forme Industrious has a key focus on crafting each piece so that it stands the test of time, is functional as well as having eye catching beauty.

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